Our Mission is Simple:

As a team of former real estate agents we have worked hard to provide you agents the right tools to be successful in your business.
Our research in the field has given us a clear insight of all the things that can go wrong in a work day: we are here to help you optimize your data base, generate leads, and upkeep your current clientele. Above all reduce stress and save you time so you can focus on growing your business!

Built By Agent for Agents

Built for Growth

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Who We Are

At AgentPlan Inc., we are a concentrated team of both developers and former real estate agents. After spending many years working in the field, we understand the struggle agents face on a daily basis. With this knowledge we have dedicated all our focus on creating the best software in order to find agents the solution on how to optimize your data base, remove any redundancies and return your focus on generating leads and clients without over complicating what should really be simple!

Who we are

At AgentPlan we are a concentrated team of both agents and developers; and after spending many years in field, we understand the struggles you might face on a daily basis. We are committed in helping you find the solution in order to optimize your data base and return your focus on generating leads and clients.
agentplan application agentplan appraisal agentplan association agentplan award agentplan backup agentplan bar address

Meet the Team


Philipp P.

C.E.O & Former Real Estate Agent
Being raised in a family working in real estate for over 20 years, Philipp has developed a vast understanding of the real estate market at a very young age.
Through the ability to be submerged in every aspect of the real estate market Philipp excelled in the residential market for some of the most prosperous years. While building his career he noticed how many things the industry lacks in terms or organization and above all simplicity. As agents we are exposed to hundreds of software’s that promise you greatness.
By having tried and subscribing to many of these software’s, Philipp decided to finally take matters into his own hands by developing a all in one software with his brother. From the close work of two brothers Philipp & Ivan have been able to remove many of the redundancies and overcomplicated systems that agents face in the day-to-day work without having to spend hundreds of dollars monthly on a single software package.

Ivan P.

Co-Founder & Software Developer
Through a few years of work in the real estate industry alongside the family team, then moving onto his true passion, Ivan has been working in the software development field for almost 20 years. With a clear passion from a young age, Ivan has always proven to be a top tier programmer with immense wit and logical application. When Philipp had approached Ivan to assist him in developing a perfect system for their team to utilize, they quickly realized capabilities of AgentPlan. And that this applications should not be kept in close quarters but rather shared for the benefit of all agents in the field.

What Makes AgentPlan Different

AgentPlan Give’s Agents Access to the Best Technology,
All Under One Roof

Agents have a vast amount of options when picking out a client management software, but very few when it comes to real estate specific ones. From the current available platforms, they tend to be overly complicated and have the same negative feedback all around. 

AgentPlan changes all of that. We focus on creating an umbrella of services to remove the need to have multiple subscriptions and having to go back in forth from service to service, which proves to be very expensive. Above all AgentPlan gives you a familiar layout with a simple way to navigate your way through all your work needs.  

We Did the Field Work, So You Don’t Have To

Through careful analysis and testing in the real field, we have been able to develop a platform that will optimize and automate any agents workflow, by giving you access to everything you need all under one roof. 

By having a all-in-one client management software as well as so much more, agents are able to access everything they need from their office on demand without getting disorganized and losing focus. 

We Understand the Struggles, We’re Here to Help

With our background and knowledge of the real estate field, we know exactly what can get complicated and frustrating. Although we pride ourselves with developing a software that enforces the power of simplicity, we are always here to support you. Through our 24/7 support team, agents will always have access to address any issues or concerns they may have with optimizing their work through AgentPlan.

Finally, We’re Different…

We have done all the research and work, now it’s up to you to trust in our expertise to take your business to the next level. 

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